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Safer Sex

As a sex positive organization, we believe all consensual sexual activities are fundamentally healthy and pleasurable. Sexual health is an important part of life. Knowing information to help us reduce our risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) helps us to stay well, make informed decisions, and have fun!

Safer sex is much more than using a condom. Learning about how HIV and other STIs are transmitted helps us to consider our options when deciding what we want to do, and how we might choose to do it.

We know that it’s not always easy to use a condom or other barrier every time we have sex. Sometimes we don’t have a condom or barrier with us, our partner doesn’t want to use one, or we don’t think we need it. If so we might want to consider:

Preventing HIV

Preventing other sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

Getting tested for HIV and other STIs

Getting tested is the only way to know your HIV status or that of any other STI or HCV. Once you know your status, you can take the necessary steps to keep yourself, and your partner(s) healthy. To find out more information about testing and where to access it, please view our page on testing.


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General sexual health and well-being
Halifax Sexual Health Center – a local sexual health clinic that provides non-judgemental, confidential services – a great online resource for youth (and adults too!) about all things sexual health related


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HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections
HIV & AIDS: Basic Facts – a great pamphlet explaining the basics of HIV (bilingual)
HIV Transmission: An Overview – an in-depth fact sheet explaining the biological transmission of HIV
Gearing Up to Get Down: The goods on HIV, safer sex, and protecting your parts – a great resource for safer sex how to’s
STI: Sexually Transmitted Infections – a resource explaining some of the common STIs, symptoms, prevention and treatment