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Safer Drug Use

We realize that abstinence (quitting using substance altogether) isn’t realistic, possible or desirable for everyone. We seek to meet people where they are at and to offer the information and resources needed to minimize the potential harms associated with using substances.

We believe that people who use substances should have access to information to make informed decisions about their health and deserve the same respect and treatment as non-substance users.

Some activities associated with drug use can put us at an increased risk for getting HIV and Hepatitis C. While using substances, we could be providing an easy route for HIV and/or Hepatitis C to get directly into our blood stream through our veins (by injecting), or through sores or tears in the soft linings of our mouth and nose (smoking and snorting). Using substances can also lower our capacity to make decisions, and with lowered inhibitions we may take more or increased risks than we would otherwise not. We might not practice safer sex when using,or we might not be able to correctly use a condom. This can put us at risk for HIV and/or Hepatitis C, and other sexually transmitted infections.

Depending on the substance and method of use, there are different ways of reducing your risk of HIV and/or Hepatitis C.

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