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  • A world where people living with HIV have access to the programs and services they needed to help them become happier and healthier.
  • The impact on their lives, their family members and those they love if they received all the support they needed.
  • A place to find out answers to questions about HIV, HCV or other STIs so people with HIV, and those at risk, can make better, healthier decisions. A place where anyone can ask questions, get a referral, tell their story and receive support…

ACNS is committed to creating change by

  • Providing support services programming for people living with and most affected and in doing so, we are empowering, informing and supporting.
  • Helping people living with HIV to build support networks
  • Providing education & skills building opportunities for individuals and communities so that others may be part of the solution.
  • Disseminating resources, workshops and campaigns that seek to address misinformation about HIV, HCV and other STIs, and to combat stigmas.
  • Delivering targeted prevention programs to meet the needs of unique populations, such as specific programming for street youth, health check lists for gay men, prevention campaigns for women as well as our African Black & Caribbean communities, and more. Check our Programs & Services section of our website. (link)
  • Striving to influence the development of healthy public policy that fosters supportive environments for people living with HIV so they can easily access services and community supports.
  • Collaborating with more than 50 other groups and organizations across NS to achieve our goals.

With your help, ACNS has played a strong role in reducing the negative side of how HIV can impact people and families.We have helped to inform hundreds of individuals each year through our targeted programs. We have distributed thousands of resources, received hundreds of calls and provided referrals.

It is by the generosity of our donors, and the work of our volunteers and staff, ACNS has great success and an impact in our communities.


Volunter with Us

ACNS offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities including administrative, fund development and awareness events, PLHA (People Living with HIV/AIDS) services and Board or Committee work. 

Make a difference. Volunteer Now.

Administrative opportunities include general administrative work; this type of work occurs during regular office hours. Fund development and awareness events usually occur in the evenings or on weekends.

We have various events occurring throughout the year. Our yearly schedule includes:

  • The Red Gala Fundraiser
  • Halifax Pride Week float and campaigns
    Late July
  • AIDS Awareness Week
    Last week of November, ending December 1st
  • Halifax World AIDS Day Vigil
    December 1st

PHA Services includes our Complimentary and Alternative Therapies (CATS) Program. Registered therapists from differing modalities such as therapeutic massage, and osteopathy offer free appointments to our HIV-positive members; etc.

The Board composition reflects the involvement of people living with HIV, health professionals, community members and various other skill areas. The Board operates under a Policy Board model (CARVER). Board members are elected for a two-year term and participate in at least one of the board committees: (1) Human Resources & Governance Committee; or (2) Vision & Strategy Committee.