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Volunteer Application
  1. Please note all responses are 100% confidential. If you are applying for a volunteer position at one of our Special Events, you are only required to fill out sections 1 through 5, and the Volunteer Participation Agreement at the end. If you are applying to volunteer in the ACNS office, please fill out all sections.

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  7. 2. Previous Volunteering
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  8. 3. Skills & Experience
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  9. 4. Personal Privacy / Discretion
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  13. 6. How did hear about our organization?
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  14. 7. What interests you in volunteering with us?
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  15. 8. How did you feel about your previous volunteer experience ?
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  16. 9. Indicate which of the following skills you possess. Choose all that apply.

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  17. Please list other skills
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  18. 10. Do you have any personal experience with HIV/AIDS?
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  19. 11. Have you had any experience with HIV? If so, please explain.
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  20. 12. What concerns might you have volunteering for a Community Based AIDS Organization? If so, please explain.
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  21. 13.What is your comfort level and/or experience working with persons who may differ from you?
    Some examples may be, but not limited to : sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious beliefs, cultural or even people who live below the poverty line.
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  22. 14. Please indicate which volunteer areas/opportunities you are interested in.
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  23. Fund Development
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  24. PHA Services
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  25. Board or Committees
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  26. 15. When are you available to work?
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  27. 16. If necessary, are you available for evening and weekend work?
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  28. 17. How long of a commitment are you able to make?
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  29. Please provide the name and contact information for two references, one work or volunteer related and one personal:
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    The AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia requires employees and volunteers to adhere to our Terms of Participation and sign an Agreement of Confidentiality.
  32. Terms of Participation

    The AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia will provide orientation sessions to all volunteers who are asked to participate in the volunteer program. The staff will determine suitable matching of volunteers with volunteer activities. Training sessions and information update meetings will be provided whenever appropriate. Because of the ongoing training involved, the Coalition would prefer that volunteers remain in the program for at least one year. All applicants are required to comply with confidentiality guidelines.
  33. Agreement of Confidentiality

    By submitting this form, I hereby agree to keep private, treat as being confidential, and not make public or divulge any information or material related to my volunteer work with the AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia without having first obtained, in writing, the consent of the Executive Director of the AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia.(*)
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Volunter with Us

ACNS offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities including administrative, fund development and awareness events, PHA (people living with HIV/AIDS) services and Board or Committee work. 

Make a difference. Volunteer Now.

Administrative opportunities include general administrative work; this type of work occurs during regular office hours.Fund development and awareness events usually occur in the evenings or on weekends.

We have various events occurring throughout the year. Our yearly schedule usually is:

  • Bid for Life Dinner & Auction
    Late March
  • Red Ribbon Rally
    Mid June
  • Halifax Pride Week campaigns
    Late July
  • AIDS Awareness Week
    Last week of November, ending December 1st
  • Halifax World AIDS Day Vigil
    December 1st

PHA Services includes our Complimentary and Alternative Therapies (CATS) Program. Registered therapists from differing modalities such as therapeutic massage, and osteopathy offer free appointments to our HIV-positive members; etc.

The Board composition reflects the involvement of people living with HIV, health professionals, community members and various other skill areas. The Board operates under a Policy Board model (CARVER). Board members are elected for a two-year term and participate in at least one of the two main committees: (1) Board Development & Membership Committee; or (2) Strategic Planning & Policy Committee.