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Vision & Mission


Our Vision: Life without HIV/AIDS.

Our Mission: We strive to create an environment in which people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS feel empowered and supported. Our aim is to end stigma and discrimination, and reduce new cases of HIV.


Strategic Directions to 2015

  1. ACNS secures diversified, sustainable funding.
    • Influence public policy towards adequate funding
    • Explore capacity for new fundraising events and opportunities for enhancing existing events/sources.
    • Gain increased support from the corporate community
    • Explore options for more ‘passive funding’ such as planned giving campaigns and foundations, etc.
  2. ACNS increases capacity, provides opportunities for professional development, and creates a supportive working environment for the board, staff and volunteers.
    • ACNS takes an active role in training and educating board, staff and volunteers
    • Recruit skilled and committed board members, staff and volunteers.
    • Enhance the capacity of the board members, staff and volunteers to fulfill their roles and responsibilities.
    • Identify staff, board and volunteer needs for support and mechanisms for addressing those needs.
  3. ACNS offers relevant and responsive programming.
    • ACNS regularly evaluates and responds to emerging trends in the community and identifies program needs
    • Provide supportive services to enhance the wellness of people living with and affected by HIV.
    • Provide prevention programs and resources that help to change HIV risk behaviors and where appropriate other behaviors related to sexually transmitted/blood borne infections (STBBI).
    • ACNS will offer programming that acknowledges the impact of mental health upon individuals, groups and priority populations.
  4. ACNS addresses HIV/AIDS related Stigma and Discrimination.
    • ACNS offers programs and information that addresses misinformation about HIV and where appropriate other sexually transmitted/blood borne infections (STBBI).
    • ACNS informs the public, partners and key stakeholders about the impact of HIV stigma and discrimination.
    • ACNS offers programs to people living with HIV that assist in providing resources and tools in supporting a response to discrimination.
  5. Enhanced mechanisms for Persons Living with HIV to be involved provide input and engaged in mentorship in all ACNS activities.
    • Enhanced mechanisms for PHA involvement (mentorship/GIPA)
    • Enhanced mechanisms for PHAs to inform ACNS activities/priorities (stories)
  6. ACNS will strive to actively involve community partners and stakeholders in our work.
    • ACNS will enhance existing partnership and develop new partnerships in HIV work
    • ACNS will develop new partnerships in HIV work.
    • By working collaboratively, ACNS will increase and enhance HIV engagement across Nova Scotia.
    • ACNS will endeavor to increase and enhance integration and public engagement around the development and implementation of an HIV-STBBI framework.


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