ProgramsACNS Office Closed till April 6

In light of the developing COVID-19 situation we have closed our physical office effective immediately to minimize risk to our member clients, the communities we serve and our staff. We plan to reopen Monday, April 6, 2020.

Our virtual office…
All staff are working from home wherever possible, and they will be remotely checking both email and phone messages regularly. This will slow down response times so please be patient. As much as possible we will continue to offer our services to our members and communities. See the Staff Directory below.

What we know about HIV+ and COVID-19…
While we are still learning about COVID-19, public health officials suggest that people living with HIV who have an undetectable viral load and a normal (or near-normal) CD4+ cell count are not at greater risk for coronavirus-related illness. HIV-positive people who are not on treatment, particularly those with very low CD4+ cell counts, may be at increased risk for coronavirus-related complications. 

     Like HIV-negative people, HIV-positive people may also be at risk for coronavirus-related complications if they are over the age of 65 or have any of the underlying conditions associated with greater risk of illness, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and kidney injury.

Look after yourself and plan…
First off, pay attention to reliable sources of info about the pandemic - like this Nova Scotia Government website and protect yourself. In addition we encourage our HIV+ members to make sure they have an adequate supply of their HIV medications and all other necessary medications. As the healthcare system gets busier responding to COVID-19 other services may get reduced, and wait and processing times may increase. We recommend arranging for refills at least 2 weeks before you are to run out.

Be there for each other...
We know that some of our members do not have access – or easy access – to phone and internet. If you know of an HIV+ community member without access please pass along the details regarding our temporary closure and that response times will be slowed as staff are remotely checking voice and messages Also, without taking undue risk, check in with HIV+ community members who may be vulnerable at this time and alert us if someone is not okay. 

Staying up to date…
We will provide updates as this situation evolves. You can also check out our Homepage or our Facebook page for updates.  For up-to-date information from the Nova Scotia Health Authority - including how to arrange for COVID-19 testing if needed - go to the Nova Scotia Government website on COVID-19

Stay tuned for more info and stay well! 

Chris Aucoin,
Executive Director

Staff Directory
Chris Aucoin, Executive Director:, 902.425.4882 ext 227
Shannon Hardy, Support and Programs:, 902.425.4882 ext 225
Garry Dart, Gay Men’s Health:, 902.425.4882 ext 222
Rowan MacArthur, Fund Development:, 902.425.4882 ext 226
Ned MacInnis, Program Support:, 902.425.4882 ext 224


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